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Music Categories

Here’s a small guide about this blog music division,  that will help you through :

BNC: Songs, bands and artists that this blog suggests. It doesn’t matter if the song is old or if it comes from an unknown artist, because this category represents our favorite- of all times – songs.

Hidden Treasures: Unknown artists and bands that need to be discovered.

B&W videos: Older artists and bands that are part of music history

Colorful videos: Unique , hip, artistic, stylish videos that stand out.

One hit Wonders: Bands or artists that appeared once with a great song that became success and we never heard from them.

Live at …: Have you ever been to a small venue where non famous or at least not so popular artists gave an excellent   performance ? Don’t you wish you were able to track down those artists?  Have you ever discovered in Youtube brilliant lives in which you would love to have been? Well, this category suggests you artists that you need to see live!

Album Covers : Touching the soft cover of a Cd, learning tips for the artist ,reading about his thoughts and most important buying cds that are rare and have an excellent illustration is an incredible feeling. This category brings up amazing artworks that have been used in Cd covers. Enjoy!


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