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February 4, 2011 / doritou

January 23, 2011 / doritou


Somehow Disappearing, the most recent album by New Idea Society is the product of two years spent by Chris DeAngelis (Piano and Synthesizers), Alan Cage (Drums), Michael DiBenedetto (Bass) and Mike Law (Vocals, Guitar) writing and recording the feeling of the last second of a moment.
This totally progressive video of their track “Thorns” has been released also in 3D check it out. Responsible for this great work is JJ Gross

January 23, 2011 / doritou

I Couldn’t Love You

You might have seen these guys since they played for a couple of shows with Bright Eyes, but if not then you ”ll definitely should learn more about Cursive. They come from Nebraska and formed they played Cursive is an indie band from Nebraska. They have formed in 1995, then they have split up and re-united again, in order to give us great music. Enjoy!

January 23, 2011 / doritou

Push Play

Worm is green is one of those amazing icelandic bands that you wish to see live. Their dreamy ambient music along with the aesthetic voice of Gudridur Ringsted could only be described as the ultimate music experience.(check out the track “You’re too late satan” and you ‘ll understand).
It makes you wonder how is that possible that there are so many wonderful musicians on the island?

Until you see them live, try to get the entire album of Push Play.Enjoy!

January 23, 2011 / doritou

Jungle Drum

Freshness and authenticity are two things that can describe this great artist Emiliana Torrini. She became massively known with the album Fisherman’s Woman (released in 2005) but the truth is that you all have heard her music before, through her collaborations with artists such as Thievery Corporation, Slovo and P.Oakenfold.

For this video the director James Price envisaged a fantastic jungle made entirely of paper through which Emiliana and her band would journey. Every single tree, flower and leaf was hand crafted by the art department, creating a spectactular result of a magical, multicoloured jungle.
Credits to Price James: direction. Bryony Birkbeck, Anna Lomax: art direction.

Her vivid smile, the way she prenounces and articulates words and her songs’ storytelling (check out Unemployed In Summertime or Gun) combine the figure of truly unique artist.

January 19, 2011 / doritou


I can’t think of a better way for an upcoming band to promote their music and grab everyone’s attention, than to combine it with an incredibly artistic video such as this one. Highly conceptual, using a spinning toy flower to connect people and places. It seems that creativity remained as part of our lives! All credits to Eli Stonberg. Enjoy!

January 18, 2011 / doritou

Stay the Same

Stay the same is the EP of the french duo The shoes.
This single is supposed to be a taste of their upcoming debut album, which is expected to be released sometime in 2011.
So, get ready for a vibrant electro pop sound that is going to magnetize you!
As for this wonderful direction and lively video credits to Daniel Wolfe